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Opportunities abound in the health and beauty sector

Huge income potential in these fields of business
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“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread,” the late Scottish-American naturalist and conservation advocate John Muir once said.

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That saying holds true until now, underscored by the multitude of people and businesses that are in the
health food and beauty industries. Healthy living is now no longer the domain of a select few, but in recent years has become a global movement providing a stable and sustainable market for products and services promoting health and wellness.

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And because everybody needs healthy food and beauty products, entrepreneurs have been quick to
pounce on the opportunities in both fields. Even if there is little differentiation among businesses in both industries, beauty and health food ventures are essentially consumer-driven and thus evergreen

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There is no denying the income potential in both fields of business. The worldwide beauty industry alone
is worth $160 billion a year, according to the magazine The Economist.


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The health food industry in the United States, meanwhile, is estimated to make over $27 billion yearly, a 2007 Datamonitor report says.

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The Philippine industries may only form small parts of those humongous pies in comparison, but in both areas, businesses here are thriving nonetheless.

If after reading this package you still have second thoughts in opening your own health food and beauty
business, maybe starting simple helps. Emma Jones, founder of the Enterprise Nation (www., a Britain-based website for people starting and growing a business from home, recommends beginning your foray into entrepreneurship with these ideas:

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• Go freelance


You can become a make-up artist, reflexology professional or fitness instructor, and offer services at your home or your clients’ offices.

• Create products



Unhappy with that beauty soap or lotion you just bought? Maybe you can make your own products using herbal or organic ingredients— then sell it to friends and kin after testing them.

• Start a school


Jones recommends following the example of Nathalie Page, who started a makeup school by banking on her knowledge of high definition for photographic, television and movie shoots.

The bottom line is that the health and beauty business is a successful sector all year round.

And, as Jones notes, not only does this sector offer economic opportunity, it also offers happiness. Everybody needs to be happy too; John Muir would  agree to that.

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