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A day in the life of the \\\'Tapa Lady\\\'

Koyen Cipriano shows us the hard work that goes into making your business grow
By Carlo P. Mallo |

Images of entrepreneurs have filled minds of aspiring ones with images of glitz and glamour - of entrepreneur donning their Sunday\\\'s best while tapping away on their BlackBerry\\\'s waiting for profit to come rolling in.

"But that\\\'s not the way in real life," Koyen Cipriano, an entrepreneur who ventured into selling Angus beef tapa, said.

Since joining Mercato Centrale in November 2010, Koyen believes that her business has continually grown. It has even earned her the monicker "Angus Beef Tapa Lady."

"But business is business, you have to work hard for you to succeed in it. Yes, I may have my own time and I do not have to answer to a boss, but I have to fully dedicate myself to the business in order for it to be successful," Koyen said. followed Koyen for a day while she prepared for Mercato Centrale that weekend. Browse through the gallery below and learn tips and lessons on how a real entrepreneur, like Koyen, goes about with her day.



For orders, check out the Angus Beef Tapa Lady Facebook page here. You can also call (0917) 814.6124 or (632) 633.0152. Koyen maintains the blog, The Angus Beef Tapa Lady\\\'s Diary, to document the versatility of tapa. You can find her at the Mercato Centrale market every Saturday and Sunday from 7 a.m to 2 p.m.


Photos by Marie Joyce Siason


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