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Attention anxious aspiring entrepreneurs: Find a business partner

Sometimes, success is better reached with someone beside you.
By Catherine Clifford |


Brace yourself. This might sting a wee bit: Not everyone should go it alone.


That does not mean you should not be an entrepreneur, though. It just means that you might need a partner to hike the startup path with you, says Daniel Lubetzky, the founder of KIND Healthy Snacks, at the Entrepreneur 360 conference in New York City.


“I know a lot of friends who come up with amazing stuff, but they are not meant to go on that journey alone," Lubetzky says. "They are meant to have a partner, and that partner can maybe complement them. They are the creative force, but they need a partner to be the operational force, or something else.”


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Lubetzky is a solo founder. He launched KIND Healthy Snacks in 2004 and since then has sold more than billion bars. The New York City-based company has more than 300 full-time employees.



But he says that he knew, fully and completely, that he was devoted to KIND, despite countless naysayers. If you do not have that level of total and complete confidence, then perhaps you should not quit your day job just yet.


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“If you have a personality where you are doubting yourself all the time and you just don’t think that is what you are meant to do,” Lubetzky says, then “maybe you should not do it.”  


To hear more from Lubetzky on how to know whether you are ready to go it alone, look for a business partner or hold off for a better opportunity, watch the video above.


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