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Are you guilty of these common workplace time wasters? (Infographic)

Here’s a list of the most common time wasters while we are working.
By Kim Lachance Shandrow |
Are you guilty of these common workplace time wasters? (Infographic)

Are you, say, reading this article, uh, at work? Did you stumble upon it while cruising Twitter on the clock? If so, you are officially guilty of committing one of the most common workplace time-wasters: surfing social media on the job. Your penance: Reading to the bottom of this article and RTing it. There.


How about those of you reading this during an in-person company meeting, you sneaky peeps hiding your smartphones under the conference room table, you? If that’s you, you too are taking part in another big-time workplace timesuck--meetings--but we don’t have to tell you that. Besides, it’s probably not your fault.  


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While we’re on the topic of not working at work, and while you have time--or do you?--another frequent workplace productivity killer is looking for work. Make that new work. Yes, as in job hunting on the job. Because when else are you going to score another gig, right?



For more info and some juicy stats on what we’re wasting our time on at work, get a wandering eyeful of the fun infographic below. It fittingly comes to us care of the productivity pros at Yast, makers of time-tracking tools for freelancers.



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