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Are you ready to be an entrepreneur?

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The time is now—to start a business, that is. Why is that? Well, there’s no better time to start anything than the present moment. And we’re not just saying that because the New Year is just around the corner, which always lends itself to thoughts about beginnings.

But while these musings may just be passing fancies, starting a new business is an entirely more serious and committed undertaking. And because we at don’t want you wasting your Christmas bonuses, savings or retirement fund on a venture that won’t last three months—leaving your would-be employees grumbling the rest of the year—here’s our effort to help you along the road of entrepreneurship: a concise business starter guide that you can turn to when you feel you are ready to take the plunge.

Again, we assert that now is the time to be your own boss, whether of a small enterprise or, if your resources allow it, a big capital undertaking. Here are 10 questions—as advised by the entrepreneurs we interviewed—you need to ask yourself before sailing on with your own enterprise:


1. Do you enjoy making decisions and being in charge?


2. Do you have the willingness to take initiative?


3. Do you have enough money saved up to start your business?


4. Do you have a good credit rating?


5. Do you have strong people skills?


6. Are you flexible, and can you adapt to changing circumstances?


7. Are you good at short-range and long-term planning?


8. Are you willing to take calculated risks?


9. Are you good at following through on your ideas, plans and projects?


10. You don’t expect your household income to rise within a year of starting your business?

If you can answer “yes” to all of them, then you probably are ready to be an entrepreneur. But to learn about the other details of starting a business, turn to the next several pages. Your time is now.

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