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How to make money through investing, according to Ashton Kutcher

The Hollywood star slash technopreneur has backed some of the most successful tech giants like Spotify and Uber.
By Kim Lachance Shandrow |

Chelsea Handler admits she knows zilch about investing. “I do need, like, investment advice because I just have some old Jewish guy doing it for me,” the comedian recently said on her popular Netflix show.


Ashton Kutcher to the rescue. The celebrity investor’s advice to the comedian: “Just invest in the things you know. If you drink vodka every day, you probably know what the best vodka is.” Just do not drink too much of it while making life-changing investment decisions.


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For more of Kutcher’s words of wisdom on what to hedge your bets on, check the short video out below:



Daily adult drinks aside, Kutcher, who co-founded A-Grade Investments, is an accomplished tech investor with an impressive portfolio to prove it. He has backed dozens of successful tech startups, including Uber, Spotify, Airbnb, DuolingoStyleSeat—the list goes on.





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