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3 major sales mistakes you must avoid

It's time to change these mistakes if you aim to reach sales targets.
By Joe Robinson |

Your persistence comes off as nagging.

The fix: End each call with a question that continues the conversation, such as, “What’s the best time to call you back and get you live?” Or, “What’s the best way to talk to you about X?” Plan to reach out five times over the first 30 days – and if there is no bite, give it three to six months before trying again.




You don’t seize the moment.

Does a customer seem interested? Jump at it aggressively. “Entrepreneurs often wait too long for live engagement,” said Jeff Hoffman, a sales consultant. “Attention is a transient moment. You want to seize it. We're always too busy to do things that are uncomfortable. If you believe your product or service is good for the world, you have the responsibility to bring that to your customer.”



Your overconfidence is off-putting.

Are you an imperfect salesman? Embrace it, and even admit it. Customers would rather deal with an "ideas" person than a sales shark. “That’s the special truth about sales,” Hoffman said. “You want to look vulnerable and confident at the same time. Being new and nervous is effective. Your confidence is in what inspired you to start the business.” 



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