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Balloon sculpting

Learn how to bend balloons into all kinds of shapes and sizes.
By Mishell Malabaguio |

Still one of the merriest ways to welcome guests—whether to a simple party or to an elaborate extravaganza—is to festoon the venue entrance and stage with balloon pillars or to put them up as stand-alone props on the dance floor.



28 pcs 10” metallic balloons (violet, green, yellow and pink)

7 pcs 5” metallic balloons (pink and green)

2 pcs 160 elongated balloons

6 meters 0.88-mm thick nylon cord or tansi

2 yards curling ribbon

1 unit double nozzle air compressor

1 unit hand pump

1 pc stable or fixed pole like a tarpaulin stand



 STEP 1: To begin, inflate two different colored 10” metallic balloons with the air compressor and tie them together. Set aside. Inflate another pair of 10” metallic balloons and tie them together as well. Make sure not to overinflate the balloons; a 10” balloon when inflated should only be about 8” in diameter. The balloons should be all of the same size when inflated.

Put one pair of inflated balloons on top of the other perpendicularly. Fasten the four balloons together by twisting one of the balloons with the one next to it, then twist the balloons at their tails.


Tie the nylon cord to the pole, then fasten the four balloons around the pole using the nylon cord.


STEP 2: Make six more sets of four balloons each, then tie them to the pole. This will make for a seven-layered balloon pillar. Make sure to follow a certain color pattern. When layering the balloons, do not align similar colors. Arrange the colors of the balloons so as to create a twisting effect; for instance, if you are using yellow and purple balloons, the yellow balloon of one layer must be placed in between the yellow and purple balloons of the layer on top or under it.

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