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Banking on Facebook ads

You should realize that advertising over Facebook can be the cheapest and most efficient online marketing strategy available today. Here are more reasons why you should start posting targeted ads on the social networking site.
By International Institute of Digital Marketing |
Banking on Facebook ads

When Facebook introduced a new algorithm late last year that invariably cut organic reach of every post, corporate accounts and fan pages were the first to cry foul. Facebook defends its move by reiterating its efforts to preserve the quality of posts in accordance to their audience’s tastes. The social networking site wants businesses to pay for every commercial post they make.

In recent years, social media ads have undeniably gone very powerful because of its ability to reach target audience with surgical precision. If you are a small- to medium-scale entrepreneur, this means you can tailor-fit your every ad to suit your target market down to specific demographics and psychographics. This means less expenses but more streamlined reach compared with traditional ads.

In We Are Social’s recent internet and mobile report, 97% of Filipino respondents have a Facebook account. In a related report, Komil Display and Engage Southeast Asia reported that 70% of Facebook campaigns generate more than three times return on ad spend. The great news is that compared with traditional ads, Facebook ad rate is one of the cheapest around—about $0.23 or PhP9.00 to reach 1,000 heads or fans.

What’s even better is that the entrepreneur can make his own Facebook ads himself without the help of any third party or agency—though it’s recommended to hire the help of digital creative agency for bigger campaigns.

All he has to do is to set a budget---figure out his objectives: whether to generate more Likes in his Fan pages, direct traffic to the corporate website, and promote special events---and choose the type of Facebook ads. The result is highly measurable—the entrepreneur can see if he is reaching his target audience in near real-time scenario and can adjust his efforts in ad creatives or placements accordingly.

And when your advertising efforts are highly measurable, it translates to cost-efficient marketing spending. You’ll be able to identify what advertising method works and what doesn’t, in no time!

If you haven’t started using Facebook ads or interested to learn how to optimize the advertising platform, join the Social Media Marketing Specialist Track of the Certified Digital Marketer Program.

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