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Be a digital marketer superhero

Be a superhero marketer by observing these important and helpful tips for more effective online marketing.
By International Institute of Digital Marketing |
Be a digital marketer superhero

The digital marketing competition of good versus evil has never been the same.  The superhero marketer understands digital marketing; the villains do not.  Let us face it.  The business world is moving forward to digital, fast.  To be left behind, is just a crime for you brand.

If you hold any marketing position or marketing is simply inherent in what you do, consider these 2015 digital trends and strategies to be a superhero marketer:

•    Social media marketing and data integration.  To be a digital marketing leader, you need to understand how digital marketing can help you and your customers generate useful data.  The trend is no longer how many 'hits' or 'Likes' or 'Shares' you get.  It is high time you realize that your social media presence requires more than just being 'cute' online.

•    They are brand ambassadors not just customers.  Once you have generated useful data, you can use them to turn your customers into brand ambassadors.  AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) is slowly becoming outdated as an approach to understand your customers.  Add E-for Experience in your pyramid through digital innovation and gain loyalty from your customers as you get to be with them in their journey.  While action seemed to be the last step, the trend goes beyond customers’ purchase as it extends to their experience post-purchase.


•    Know when it is too personal.  With the growing privacy concerns of your customers, know when to take a step back when getting information from them.  True enough; getting personal information from your customers helps you with those demographics.  However, you have to consider that customers are now more careful in giving away their data.  Consider other effective ways to win your customer’s trust so that they are willing to volunteer their information.

•    Make superhero customers.  At the end of the day, it is how your digital marketing strategies make your brand a part of your customers’ lives.  The superhero marketer knows how to make customers feel like superheroes by reaching out to them in the language they understand.  It is no longer just about how they like your brand but how well your brand relates to them.  


Be a superhero marketer. Learn how to supercharge your brand building efforts through digital marketing with the Certified Digital Marketer Program. Log on to or call 0928-506-5382, 426-6001 (loc. 5679) to learn more.



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