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Here's your guide to beat the April 15 income tax filing deadline

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By Entrepreneur Staff |


(UPDATED) April means two things for most Filipinos: summer and tax season.


As the deadline for tax filing looms, most entrepreneurs and professionals are still cramming the necessary documents for the April 15 filing.


Entrepreneur Philippines these collated articles from the archives to help you keep track of the things to do for a hassle free tax filing. Keep checking this page 





What you need to know about income tax filing

Tax whiz Mon Abrea answered frequently asked questions of entrepreneurs on income tax filing, from what form to accomplish to needed requirements. 


An easy guide to taxation for startup entrepreneurs

Here's your guide from registering your business to paying your taxes.


5 ways to prepare for income tax filing

Entrepreneur Philippines columnist Henry Ong detailed some of the common mistakes tax filers commit when filing for tax returns.


Financial Adviser: 5 ways to prepare for income tax filing

Here, Ong reiterated the necessary measures one has to take for hassle-free filing, from required documents to when to ask for professional help.


Financial Adviser: What is value added tax?

Here, Ong stressed that entrepreneurs must treat their VAT obligations seriously. Simple negligence could lead to bigger problems in the future in the form of heavier penalties and charges. 



Financial Adviser: What are the allowed deductible expenses in ITR?

An updated guide on what are the acceptable deductible expenses you can declare on your ITR to lower tax payments. 


Pay lower taxes (legally)

Ong reminded business owners on the deductible items from financial records which may help reduce the company’s taxable income.


Tax evasion vs. tax avoidance: What's the difference?

Proper tax payment and registration are among the most common mistakes new business owners tend to commit with regards to taxation. And in many cases, such mistakes could be irreversible. Read this to avoid such costly mistakes.

The 4 tax-exempt benefits your employees want most

There are also items that can be declared tax-exempt, find out here.




Why is it important for entrepreneurs to remit the proper taxes?

While everyone has their own two cents to share on the taxation process, it still remains the government’s lifeblood. Carlos Mallo reminded entrepreneurs on what proper tax remittance can mean for the country.





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