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Budgeting is easier with music and wine

Do something fun while you budget your money to make it something to look forward to.
By Entrepreneur Network |


Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed out every time you have to sit down to budget your money? Financial expert Brittney Castro says that while most of us know the importance of budgeting our money, we also find it very difficult to do week in and week out.


So, to help her clients stick to a consistent budgeting schedule, she came up with weekly Money Dates, a time where you update your budget, check in with your finances and forecast any upcoming expenses –all with the added element of something fun, as if you're on a real date. 


"I recommend selecting one day out of the week, and allocate at least one hour toward your money date—and make it as fun a possible, adding music, coffee or wine to change the energy of the feelings you have when you sit down and budget," she says. 


Watch the video to get all the details about Money Dates and try them in your own weekly schedule.



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