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Business security and safety

If you own a business, you have to safeguard it.
By Lorela U. Sandoval |

Security is a major concern for any business, and no entrepreneur can afford to ignore it. Be vigilant, and your efforts will pay off.

[related|post]It\\\'s been said that crime does not pay, but official data seem to belie this old adage. The National Capital Region Police Office (NCPRO) recently revealed that for the first quarter of 2011, a total of 8,352 crime incidents were recorded in Metro Manila. This figure is lower than the 9,852 reported during the same period in 2010. Robbery cases, in particular, also plunged by 20.68 percent, hitting 1,582 compared to 1,992 at the same time last year. Positively viewed, the decrease could be attributed to better crime-prevention measures. However, it’s also possible that the downward trend could mean that it’s the reporting of criminal activities that lessened, and not the incidents themselves.


Crime rates may rise or fall, but one thing remains certain: if you own a business, you have to safeguard it. A common problem, however, is that some entrepreneurs may have little or no understanding at all of what security is. Worse, some may even have a wrong notion of security.


Security vs. Safety
Security is frequently interchanged with safety and vice-versa, but Ace B. Esmeralda, president and managing director of Ace and Associates Inc. (AAA), stresses that the two are different.


“Safety is protection against accidental harm or damages. Examples are absence of fire exit or presence of flammable materials. Another example is absence of fire detectors and alarms or the presence of slippery floors and sharp edges,” he explains.


Meanwhile, security “is protection against intentional harm or damages. [The] presence of cash inside offices or stores is a primary attraction for robbers and thieves. Other resalable materials like computers, cell phones and other home appliances [also draw interest from] criminals. Security is also protection against arson, which could be committed by a distraught employee or competition,” he clarifies.

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