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Create your own market space

Marketing guru Josiah Go says firms should innovate
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Marketing Guru Josiah Go recently conducted a seminar on Market Driving Strategies (MDS). MDS is a new marketing philosophy that aims to help companies capture market space by reinventing the business system and innovating.

MDS begins with the assumption that instead of engaging in cutthroat competition with its competitors a company must seek out and exploit underserved or ignored markets. This is increasingly becoming relevant as more and more companies compete to gain market share in a complex and troubled market environment.

The core assumption of MDS is that it is often the market leader that dictates the rules f the game in a particular market. Because of this, rather than competing head on with the market leader, MDS seeks to allow companies to turn the market leader’s advantage into a liability.

Go advises companies to realign the product and the business processes to capture areas of the market not being served or underserved by the big boys. By retooling one's business to address these pockets in the market, the business can quickly gain market share while at the same time putting up barriers to entry to prevent the sudden influx of competitors.


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