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Creating the ’big idea’

How can a business owner or marketing strategist formulate an effective digital marketing plan? Here are some pointers when writing a digital brief.
By International Institute of Digital Marketing |
Creating the ’big idea’

In the course of writing the digital marketing plan for something broad as your business to something specific as your website, you will be tasked with a few needful things.

In a recent lecture in the Certified Digital Marketer (CDM) Program, Rezza Custodio-Soriano, vice president for external affairs of marketing consultancy firm Team Planu, outlines important pointers in creating digital brief en route to the big idea.

“When you write your digital brief, bear in mind that online users are active, not passive,” reminds Soriano. “They just don’t want to receive messages, but they always want to do something.”

Aside from the need to integrate a single-minded message, you should be able to ask questions that understand motivations. You should be able to directly engage with motivations and behaviors of users.

“When you write your digital brief, you should create personas or user stories--not just target audience,” reminds Soriano.

She says the marketing strategist needs to be able to answer the following questions: what is the user’s true context when looking for a service, what scenario they are in, and what do they actually do, think and feel?

In writing the Big Idea, Soriano challenges the marketing strategist or the entrepreneur himself to look inside-out: “List all the norms, standards, practices, and clichés of your industry. Twist it, turn it around. Try to approach it differently.”

And then on the other end, Soriano recommends to look at it from the outside, looking in: “Get another industry. Find out all its standards and practices. Now, combine the two to come up with something new.”

Be imaginative. Be different.

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