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Designing uniforms for your business

A uniform, if designed well, is functional, fashionable, builds employee morale, customer relationships, and brand awareness.
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Clothing communicates. From the green apron of the friendly barista asking for your name to the gas attendant handing you your receipt, a uniform, if designed well, is functional, fashionable, builds employee morale, customer relationships, and brand awareness.


[related|post]When creating a uniform for your employees, it isn’t enough to think about cut, fit, and color. In Designing Brand Identity: A Complete Guide to Creating, Building, and Maintaining Strong Brands, Alina Wheeler points out that “the best uniforms engender pride and are appropriate to the workplace and environment. Their designers are respectful of the individuals who need to wear them, and carefully consider performance criteria such as durability and mobility. ”In addition, “The way an employee is dressed affects the way the individual and her organization are perceived.” Ask yourself: is my business dressed right?



While primarily a visual tool, color also affects the human eye and brain physically, mentally, and emotionally. Most food establishments, for example, use the color red and yellow because the former stimulates one’s appetite while the latter speeds up a person’s metabolism. When choosing colors, it’s important to know a particular color’s meanings and associations.








Fire, blood, sex

Passion, love, blood, energy, heat, power

Aggression, anger, battle, cruelty

Most visually dominant color; stimulates heart rate, breathing, and appetite; people appear heavier in red clothes



Intellect, wisdom, optimism, idealism, joy

Jealousy, cowardice, caution

Speeds up metabolism, bright yellow is the most fatiguing color, pale yellow can enhance concentration


Sea, sky

Knowledge, peace, masculinity, justice, intelligence

Depression, coldness, detachment, apathy

Causes the body to produce calming chemicals, people are said to be more productive in blue rooms


Plants, the natural environment

Fertility, money, growth, healing, success, youth

Greed, envy, nausea

The easiest color on the eyes, calming and refreshing, said to aid digestion and reduce stomach aches


Royalty, spirituality

Luxury, wisdom, sophistication, wealth, nobility

Exaggeration, excess, madness

Said to enhance the imagination, has a feminine and romantic quality, since it is a rare color in nature, it seems artificial


Autumn, citrus

Creativity, energy, uniqueness, vibrancy

Crassness, trendiness, loudness

An appetite stimulant, orange rooms get people thinking and talking, used for visibility enhancement


Night, death

Power, authority, weight, sophistication

Fear, negativity, evil, secrecy, mourning

Black clothing makes people look thinner, black makes other colors

look brighter


Light, purity

Perfection, cleanliness, softness, simplicity

Fragility, isolation

White is so brilliant that it gives some people headaches.



Balance, security, maturity, reliability

Lack of commitment, uncertainty, boredom, bad weather, sadness

Gray seldom evokes strong emotions



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