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Digital marketing: Changing the landscape

Digital marketing may not be as highly cognitive as marketing in print, but it could be the most effective (and interactive) these days. That is because most consumers now use tablets, smartphones, and desktop PCs. Logically, it has changed the modern marketing landscape.
By International Institute of Digital Marketing |
Digital marketing: Changing the landscape

Contrary to the view of online doomsayers, digital marketing is here to stay and advertisers should come up with a plan that touches on both digital and traditional channels.

Speaking before participants of The Digital Marketing Plan workshop organized by the International Institute of Digital Marketing under Certified Digital Marketer program last Monday (April 7) at the Asian Institute of Management,’s editor-in-chief JV Rufino cited the Multi Screen Revolution and the modern consumers’ behavior in front of these.

“While TV and radio have the greater reach, the audience tends to be highly distracted,” said Rufino. “Desktop is more for the office users crowd, not usually reachable by TV and radio.”

Rufino revealed that the tablet, the most print-like of digital media, is highly engaging and tends to be used lean back. The smartphone, on the other hand, is highly lean forward and highly personal, and always with the user.

“The print still remains the most cognitive of all media with users having the least multi-tasking activities and fewest distractions.”

In actuality, Rufino revealed that users today mesh and stack simultaneous screens together, with others shifting from one screen to another. He emphasized that “each screen must work alone” and that marketers should make sure that their brand is present in all the media where their target audience is.

This is the same strategy that digital and traditional agency should adopt as what John Garcia wrote in

“In other words, it is not ‘traditional’ vs. ‘digital,’ its ‘tra-digital’ that will garner the best results,” echoed Garcia. “The truth is traditional media is not dead, but its role has changed dramatically.”

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