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Diving into business

This former office worker and swim captain learned a new swimming technique to edge out her competitors.
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When former La Salle varsity swimming team captain Ria Mackay decided to quit her day job and teach swimming lessons full time in 2000, she faced a major obstacle: she didn’t have the prestigious name that her competitors possessed.

[related|post]“I knew that I needed something to set me apart from the competition,” Mackay recalls. “Although I had been teaching every summer for 17 years to earn a supplementary income, I wasn’t a famous swimmer. I therefore thought I should come up with something unique to offer.”

So Mackay went to the United States to get her competitive edge: training to become a licensed swimming coach in Total Immersion, a revolutionary form of swimming that emphasizes form and aesthetics to enhance swimming performance. She spent US$5,000 (P250, 000) for the two-month course that thoroughly taught her the Total Immersion way of swimming as well as its special techniques for teaching babies and toddlers how to swim.

“I had to invest to give myself an edge because credentials count for a lot in this kind of business,” she says. “With Total Immersion swimming, I am selling something truly unique and worth the price paid by my swimming students: learning economy of movement that achieves an even more efficient swim.”


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