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Divisoria Smarts: Sourcing native products for giveaways

Woven products are in-demand the whole year
By Carlo P. Mallo |

For August, is featuring Divisoria, one of the city of Manila’s most popular destinations and recognizable landmarks. For many, “Divi” is the marketplace for everything from food to electronics, all at bargain prices. For resourceful and money-savvy entrepreneurs, it’s a suppliers’ haven.


Finding your way through Divisoria is like going around a labyrinth- a labyrinth of stores and suppliers, that is. The Divisoria Mall, while older and more chaotic compared to the air-conditioned 168 Mall, is still a recommended stop because of its products sold by bulk at much cheaper rates. This is the place to go if you want to source corporate giveaways and souvenirs for Christmas and other special occasions.


While some stores are difficult to find, it is impossible to miss Ben and Elena\\\'s Native Products at Divisoria Mall. Located at the basement and occupying about 12 stalls, Ben and Elena Native Products is the go-to store if you need abaca and other native products.

Since the holidays are fast approacing, we asked the owner, Elena Pasajol, for the four best selling products this time of the year. "Mostly baskets, and woven products used as wine holders or for giveaways," Elena said.

Click on the gallery below for some of their best-selling native products used for giveaways.



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Photos by Marie Joyce Siason

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