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Divisoria Smarts: Sourcing supplies for your accessories business

Divisoria is where you get both great prices and myriad choices
By Carlo P. Mallo |

For August, is featuring Divisoria, one of the city of Manila’s most popular destinations and recognizable landmarks. For many, “Divi” is the marketplace for everything from food to electronics, all at bargain prices. For resourceful and money-savvy entrepreneurs, it’s a suppliers’ haven.


Tabora Street is one of the busiest streets of Divisoria. The street is often filled with people, peddlers, tricycles, and a motley of other things. But it is also one of the reasons that makes it one of the hottest places in Divisoria.

This street holds one secret that a lot of people do not know:  it is home to the multitude of beaded accessories that are sold nationwide, one of which you might be even wearing right now. Many stores on the street sell beads, thread, fastenings and other tools for your accessories business by bulk. The variety of choices and prices make the trip to Tabora worth it.

One of the top stores in the area is Wellmanson Sewing Notion. Strand after strand of colorful, shiny beads adorn the walls of this store.  While other materials used in bead accessory making are also available at the store in ample supply.

If you are thinking of starting an accessories business to augment your income, head to Tabora Street and look for Wellmanson Sewing Notion, Inc. You can call them at (02)242.0606 or you can send them an email at for price details and supply.



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Photos by Marie Joyce Siason

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