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Does your bio tell a story from the heart?

Quit trying to portray yourself as a flawless genius.
By Mike Loomis |


A considerable part of your brand is expressed in your bio, or on the About page of your web site.


Does your bio tell a story? Or does it read like a resume?


Take some risks and put your heart out there when writing your bio.



Tell a story

Telling a story with your bio may not apply to biochemical research professionals, but I am addressing entrepreneurs who aspire to be thought-leaders. You must create memorable connections with your constituents in order to cut through the noise of popular culture.



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What is the romantic version of your early days? The lean years? The time between jobs? Your youthful ignorance? How did those days shape you?


I am giving you poetic license to tell your story in your bio, web site, blogs, videos, and social media. What is something about you, or an experience, that is not necessarily “bio” material but might give insight into your personal quirkiness?


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If a sense of humor is a part of how you operate, I dare you to share it. If you are a nerd, let your geek flag fly! If this is new for you, start storytelling in your bio conservatively, and then push the boundaries slowly.



Battles waged

Can we turn “failures” into tales of epic adventure? You bet.


Consider being transparent, and share how unexpected events and course corrections made you more capable in your business. In other words, quit trying to portray yourself as a flawless genius. Share your successes, too! And be sure to credit others for their part in your story.



And if you are in your happy place in your current venture, alert your About page! Let others sense the energy you feel in your work.


When others read your bio, do they get a sense of the road you’ve traveled? Real people tell stories and share their hearts.


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Once you have updated your bio and About page, use the new text to create better social media profiles.


In our noisy culture, people are eager to connect with a real person.




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