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Does your job satisfy you? (Infographic)

To know about general attitudes of young people and seasoned professionals about their careers, check out this infograhic.
By Nina Zipkin |
Does your job satisfy you? (Infographic)

Whether it's challenging projects, camaraderie with your co-workers, or the feeling that you're making an impact, everyone has their own reason for being excited to go to work in the morning. 


With consulting firm The Adler Group, LinkedIn polled over 18,000 employees in 26 countries to take a look at what factors influence career satisfaction all over the world. LinkedIn's Talent blog put together an infographic to reflect their findings. 


The survey found that, on the whole, employees are mostly happy in their jobs. Twenty-seven percent reported being “very satisfied,” 45% were "somewhat satisfied," and only 4% were "very dissatisfied." While many are content in their current roles, 25% said they were on the "active" look out for a new job.  Forty-five percent aren't on the hunt, but would be "open to talking to recruiters."


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So, what are the top three things professionals are looking for in a job? Better benefits and compensation, a strong work/life balance, and opportunities to advance in their company. According to LinkedIn, an impressive job title or the office's location, are not things that would necessarily motivate an employee to make the jump to a new company.   





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