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Easy time management tips to try

Effective tips on managing your to-do list.
By Karmina De Ungria |

Technology was supposed to make people’s lives easier: electronic mails and the Internet made inquiries and sending business letters more convenient; the advent of cellular phones and private messaging helped make meetings easier to manage; and laptops practically enable a person to bring his whole office with him, or even hold office in a coffee shop.

And yet, technology is also the culprit why we are now taking on more work.  These days, you’re expected to finish your work no matter what, unless all wi-fi hotspots spontaneously combust.

[related|post]If you’re a child of the fast-paced lifestyle, to manage one’s time is ironically harder. But, just like the cellphone that you now can’t live without, mastering the skills of time management is an expected, and beneficial, trait of an entrepreneur. If this goal seems like a tall order, don’t be daunted. Here are some baby-step tips to usher you to a more efficient you.

1.  Stop procrastinating

Make an honest assessment of your work practices, and admit that you are not able to finish your tasks because of procrastinating.. Make a list of the opportunities you’ve lost because of procrastination, and use them to make a decision to change positively. “Any effort at healthy change or personal growth starts with a personal decision, says Ronaldo A., Motilla, PhD, who is the head of Miriam College’s Integrated Lifestyle and Wellness (ILAW) Center “Carry out your decision with all your might, mind, heart and soul!” continues Motilla.

2.  Keep an organizer
There are many ways to keep track of your meetings and must-dos:your cellular phone alone can do this for you. No matter what form of organizer you have, make it a handy one so you can always jot down your appointments and schedules, and easily be reminded of them. Only put down what you can possibly accomplish that day, and make room for unexpected situations that may suddenly require your unplanned attention. Make sure to also pen in some time a bit of R & R (rest and relaxation) to purge stress which serves as dead weights in finishing your tasks.

3. Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize

Figure out what’s the most urgent and important in your to-do list, and tackle . the major tasks when you are most alert or most creative. This increases the odds of you being able to finish a task more efficiently. When prioritizing, consider the number of people involved in a project, as well as the project’s value and profitability.


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