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Education and the family business

By Dante Gagelonia |

While many parents extol the virtues of big professional dreams, those who maintain a family business often encourage their children to keep family tradition alive. Family businesses are everywhere, with many different aspects depending on their type and context. These facts aren’t lost on Enderun Colleges, which now offers an entrepreneurship program focused on family enterprises.

[related|post]“Enderun aims to be a premium management school, not to compete with other management schools in the country, but to offer alternatives,” says Dr. Edgardo Rodriguez, the dean of Enderun’s College of Business and Entrepreneurship.

By partnering with world-class international institutions like Alain Ducasse Formation in France and the Les Roches International School of Hotel Management in Switzerland, Enderun is on the cutting edge of comprehensive education in global environments.

The emphasis on family enterprises of its Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship was a practical choice for Enderun. Rodriguez says, “If you tackle the problems of family enterprises, business education becomes very attractive. Some good entrepreneurship programs in Manila do not allow the student to work on a thesis that engages the family enterprise. We thought to adopt the opposite philosophy.”


Helping students develop business concepts that involve family businesses is the core idea behind Enderun’s entrepreneurship focus. “We make sure that our students, upon graduation, are not just imitating their family business, but are doing something new about it,” says Rodriguez. “They should be able to expand it, ... reengineer it and professionalize it.”

Enderun’s entrepreneurship program is currently the fastest growing among its offerings, since it started its School of Business and Entrepreneurship in 2009.

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