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Embrace 'infotainment' content or get left behind

You should know how to produce content that will be effective enough in this age of 'infotainment.' Here are insights.
By International Institute of Digital Marketing |


Prolific travel photographer Brendan van Son—whose works have appeared in dozens of stock image agencies, online and print travel magazines, and recently YouTube—explained succinctly in PetaPixel how most online audience consume their content: “I quickly learned that YouTubers want to learn things, not see some dude on a $600 scooter struggle through the Congo.”

It’s the age of 'infotainment,' information and entertainment, and whoever has achieved the right balance of form and function, sense and sensibility wins the people.

Consequently, van Son shifted the direction of his travel photography channel from travel documentary to video instructional—tips, lessons, reviews shot on his captivating travel locations.

“It has been much more popular and the channel now has over 5,000 subscribers and 375,000 views,” von Son writes.

So as a content producer, where do you begin?

The answer is as simple as an old writing tip: know your audience.  And in this digital world, your digital marketing plan should mean not just knowing the demographics of your audience but their technographics as well.


What is technographics?

Technographics is a form of measurement to categorize consumers based on ownership, use patterns, and attitudes towards communication, and entertainment technologies.

In profiling consumers, technographics focuses on the motivations, usage patterns, attitudes about technology, as well as a measure of a person’s fundamental values and lifestyle perspective.

In order to know your target audience better, digital marketer Rezza Custodio-Soriano outlines these guide questions which can help small to medium entrepreneur form their digital marketing plan.

1.     In establishing your target markets digital usage habits—what digital channels do your consumers currently use? What sites do they visit? What kind of digital devices do they own? Which ones do they use more often? Are there particular noteworthy digital trends you should know and adopt (for example: Podcasts; chat apps, interactive videos)?

2.     In establishing content consumption preferences—what is your target audience’s preferred information sources? Who or what influences them? What do they consider the best source of information they can tap? What is your consumers’ attitude towards competitors? What’s the attitude towards their content? Are they already engaged in blogs about your product category? Whose blogs are they reading: yours or your competitors?


Producing effective content suggests producing content that go beyond text: infographics, video, cinemagraphs, images, podcasts, quizzes, and surveys. It recommends varying your content so your followers or readers will keep coming back and linking in, which in turn can help you attract new followers, wringing more value out of the content you create.

Brainstorm videos and infographics to fill in the gaps that your competitors have left behind. Fit those efforts into your marketing strategy by promoting them with blog posts and social media posts. Together, those efforts will lend your potential customers a helping hand while establishing your expertise.


Learn to create quality infotainment materials in the Certified Digital Marketer Program’s Content Marketing Summit 2015 on May 21 to 29. The conference also features a live demo session on online video production with BrandNewMedia at TV5 Studios.


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About the CDM Program:

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