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Hustler, prodigy or visionary? (Infographic)

Are you like Elon Musk, the visionary or Steve Jobs, the strategist?
By Carly Okyle |

There are many different working styles out there. Entrepreneurship is no different.


While some ‘treps are all about the hustle—makeup maven Mary Kay Ash, for instance—others thrive on innovating and challenging the status quo, such as Zappos CEO Tony Hseih. While Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk is a prodigy that can rely on innate intelligence and instinct as well as a higher degree of emotional stability, Apple’s Steve Jobs was constantly trying to look ahead and plan his next move.


The Founder Institute, a launch program for startups, tested more than 30,000 entrepreneurs to discover what qualities and priorities were common in each of the six categories: Hustler, Innovator, Prodigy, Visionary, Machine and Strategist. Each classification boasts successful, household-name entrepreneurs.


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Check out the infographic below to discover which profile resonates most with you.






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