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How faith in the workplace can increase your ROI

Faith helps you to perform better in business.
By Sandi Krakowski |


Even people of abundant faith find themselves hesitant to take the daily help God provides.


Business, after all, is hard labor, and entrepreneurs typically believe that they are self-starters who can do it on their own.


True, most business owners have gifts, but they stumble when it comes to fulfilling their call. We can all move forward simply with what we are given. But a higher level of spiritual success, for those who believe that faith at work works, is based on drawing on a daily dependence of a higher power, where we go to where God has positioned us.



We draw daily, we flow hourly, and we abide inside the realm of a higher power.


That is where the concept of the prophetic vortex comes in. It shifts cultures, changes atmospheres, and can literally change history. You are going to need divine help. Rest assured, it i's there for you.


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So what is a prophetic vortex? A vortex is by its very nature fluid. It keeps moving. It is alive and it is fresh. It is authentic, natural, and constantly changing. Some call it a whirlwind. When we operate in the prophetic within this realm, we see all kinds of happenings occurring that the "average" business owner may not experience. In faith-based terms, a prophetic vortex is where all that  heavenly exists and where that which is not must leave. It is where things are born, grow, and propel forward. It is a very powerful spiritual place to be.



And it is great for business leaders. When God has equipped you with a message for this world, He will put you into a metron, or a place of influence, where you have everything provided to help you fulfill your role and your purpose. This gives you enormous courage and endurance, because it is not all falling on you anymore.


Imagine if you have a gift shop, a brick-and-mortar business, where when people come into your metron they are forever changed. Their sadness is changed to hope. Their weariness is refreshed and their answers are given to them from heaven simply because they are there, at your store! The same thing can happen online, where people are awakened and changed forever. It is the ultimate in customer servicetruly serving as you are intended.


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Think of it in a different way: What if there was an answer to all you lack? What if as you did your pay-per-click advertising and your search engine optimization you were given help and insight into things you could never know apart from God and you soared to the top of the business world because of it? 



When you apply principles of your faith at workregardless of what that faith isyou obviously know that God expects you to use your talents. He expects you to grow what He has given you. To not do so is akin to wickedness and laziness. 


We are entering into a time when we are going to see entire cultures changed because business owners surrender their hearts and lives to the the prophetic vortex over their business. It will make them unstoppable! It is a lot better way forward than whining and complaining about how hard WordPress is! I wonder how many people would get past their excuses if they got a revelation of the future that they are assigned to, and what the measure of their influence would become if they simply took God at His word and did what He has called them to do? Let us stop wondering.



My friends, give it a shot and try operating in a prophetic vortex. You have the gifts and the calling. Do your part.


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Photo from Center for Faith and Worship website

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