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Figure of speech

Being aware of current events can make or break your business
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Nearly a month ago, Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. top honcho Manuel V. Pangilinan  had to issue an apology to the Ateneo de Manila University community after admitting that portions of his commencement speech before its graduating class were lifted from other speeches without acknowledging their sources.

While Pangilinan described the incident as a "source of deep personal embarrassment", for a speech-writer like Lloyd Luna it was just another business opportunity.

Luna, a popular career coach and motivational speaker, says he used the issue to highlight his speech-writing services and got additional clients and extra earnings for his effort.

"When I learned about the issue, I immediately wrote a blog about MVP's speech writer and optimized my website so that when people type 'Manny Pangilinan Speech Writer' my website would come on Google's front page. It did. several clients. So yes,it boosted my speech-writing service and got me P10,000 for a five to 10-minute speech," Luna tells

Speech-writing was natural for Luna. He says he began his "writing career by joining competitions in school.  I just love to write!"

This love for writing led Luna into the business of speech-writing and publishing his own books.

At 23 and without a job, he had a Eureka moment.

"I started my own company because nobody would publish my books," Luna candidly admits.

Now, after just four years, Luna has grown his business and has become a well-respected motivational speaker, author, and  entrepreneur.

After the plagiarism case of Pangilinan, Luna says that he has assured his clients  that he does his job with "integrity, passion and commitment."

"I understand why politicians and business people would get speechwriters. They don't have the time to do that and some of them may even have less creativity to do so. Getting speechwriters isn't an issue so long as speechwriters don't cross the line and the client can take responsibility for whatever his speechwriters may write. People make money for things that some people can't do," he adds.


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