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From dreams to Dreality

By Khris Marc Ronquillo |

 Ever heard of the perfumes “Inspiration by Marilou” or “Absinthe by Aaron” or the bath product “Baby Ann”? They are not brands per se, but Ma. Andrea Briones makes them—and can make them for you.


“Drey” to family and friends, Briones is the owner of Dreality Trading, a rising star in the personalized souvenirs and giveaways industry. For your wedding or special occasion, if you don’t want the typical porcelain souvenir—kissing swans, wedding bells, a wishing well, or something of the sort—that just gathers dust on mantelpieces and bookshelves, she will help turn your gift dreams into, er,  “dreality.”


Practical gifts

Unlike her more traditional souvenir making peers that churn out impractical items, Drey uses personal-care products (like perfumes, soaps, shampoos, and hand sanitizers), sunglasses, Frisbees, and mints, and “brands” them to the specifications of her clients, who thus get usable yet one-of-a-kind giveaways.


“I wanted to market something unique,” says Drey, who began Dreality as her final course requirement in Entrepreneurial Management at the University of Asia and the Pacific. “There are a lot out in the market already offering the same products.”



“If I copy (them), I’ll come in as a small player; chances are they will buy from my competitors,” adds the 21-year-old ’trep. “But when I make myself distinct from my competitors, I will have an edge over them.”


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