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Getting started in the pet business

The dog breeding industry is less about competition and more about community.
By Khris Marc Ronquillo |
<>Despite Cid’s natural love for big dogs like labradors and the actual demand for bigger breeds, she had no choice but to stick to small breeds due to the constraints of having her business in a residential area. “The neighbors had to give their consent before the DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) could approve my business. The neighbors said no big dogs.”


What may seem unusual is that Cid runs her business from home in a subdivision in Marikina City with only a small poster at the village gate for advertising, but she makes very good business. Her Web savvy has become her secret to good sales. “I posted on every possible Internet site I could think of. The free advertising I get by going online is proving to be enough,” she says. And by enough, she means getting buyers from as far north as Baguio or as far south as Davao.



Now there are dogs and there are “top dogs.” Becoming the latter requires more effort than a cute breed and a healthy litter. “Top Dog” breeders learn to mark their territory and establish the quality and pedigree of their puppies. In spite of the wonderful job she has done so far, Cid admits her dogs are, of the moment, “just pet quality.”


“I need to prioritize the pedigrees of my dogs, and improve my reputation,” she says. “But I think I can sell (puppies) at a better price when they achieve show quality.”


To get that show-dog stamp of approval, Cid says a breeder must be part of a dog show, and it starts by sponsoring an event organized by the Philippine Canine Club Inc. and then joining a competition. Once certified, dog-show-quality puppies not only command a higher price, but also inherit the reputation of their parents—known in the business as having “green lines” in their pedigree papers. Even among dogs, it pays to be royalty. But as a breeder, Johanna Cid is getting there.


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