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Give away postcards to advertise your products

Free ad-card marketing can help small businesses test a campaign and refine it for subsequent full-scale implementation.
By JC Medina |
<>The lasting pass-on power of YoCards was particularly evident in the postcard campaign for the Toblerone chocolate brand. Says Paulino: "People would get as many as five cards all at once. They then would write messages on the back of the cards and actually send them as greeting cards."


One key advantage of YoCards is that advertisers can use them to implement unique and highly focused marketing strategies specific to a particular neighborhood or establishment type, such as locations around call centers. "It is mostly females in the 15-29 age bracket who take interest in the postcards and keep them," says Paulino.


Free ad-card marketing should be of particular interest to small businesses. This is because with YoCards, they can experiment with a message or campaign within the area of their choice, then refine it for full-scale implementation based on the preliminary outcomes of the campaign.


How effective are postcard campaigns?
Paulino says that with YoCards, location partners and advertisers can greatly benefit from what First Innovi calls "double endorsement"--which means that both entities can achieve co-branding by aligning and promoting each other\\\'s advertising or promotional messages. At the same time, the target market or audience also gets to play a key role in disseminating the advertiser\\\'s message.


When just one postcard is taken, for instance, that postcard could get a secondary audience when it ends up with another person or gets displayed for other people to see.

"In particular, cards with website addresses on them have brought very significant increases in traffic to the company\\\'s website," says Paulino.

With the penchant of many Filipinos for everything free, advertisers should thus find YoCards a cost-effective form of guerilla marketing for getting their messages across--one postcard at a time.


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