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Give away postcards to advertise your products

Free ad-card marketing can help small businesses test a campaign and refine it for subsequent full-scale implementation.
By JC Medina |

When she was a fashion marketing student in Singapore in 2003, Kimberly Paulino used to do various event management jobs on the side. And throughout her two-year stay in the city, she would pick up and collect free postcards from various train stations and public places. So, after her stay in Singapore, she ended up bringing home to the Philippines lots of the free cards as souvenirs and keepsakes.


The free, advertising-driven cards inspired Paulino to do a feasibility study of providing the same service in Manila, after which she decided to put up First Innovi Corp. with YoCards as its flagship offering. With the support of several investors, she organized a 10-person team and launched YoCards in March 2007.


YoCards are well-designed, high-quality postcards that provide people with the latest information about products and events. They are made available for free from stands that are strategically placed in high-traffic areas in the city, providing advertisers with an alternative and sticky means to reach their target markets or audiences.



In YoCard campaigns, client advertisers get to choose from various packages based on location, such as tourist hubs, yuppie hangouts, venues for family activities, and school campuses or a combination of all four. For advertisers that want to be different, special card types such as sticker cards, double cards, and postcard magazines may also be produced.

The free cards are placed in such urban locations as restaurants, galleries, and malls--what Paulino calls "location partners." First Innovi first classifies card-rack locations based on the foot traffic and the establishment type. Then, once an agreement is reached with a location partner, First Innovi produces the cards and displays them on card racks in the locations agreed upon. By providing the free cards as a value-added service to their customers, location partners benefit in two ways: getting promoted within the free card community, and having their locations mentioned and promoted on the YoCard website as well.



Apart from being an interesting medium in itself, YoCards also function as a creative canvas for advertisers who want to do something unique and different. In fact, some of YoCard\\\'s clientele--Bayantel, for instance--have used the medium to tell a memorable story that can only be appropriately told through a postcard.


And YoCards are much better than ordinary flyers because they can actually be mailed as postcards or serve as simple note cards that can be shared and passed around. Indeed, they are a longer lasting and more persistent advertising medium than most other media. Because of their exceptional designs, in fact, all 70 of the current YoCards have become collectors\\\' items.


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