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Going Big: 3 tips in moving your biz to the city

Learn from insights gained by entrepreneurs behind La Moderna Bakery of Pampanga
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Born and raised in Manila, Angelo Narciso-Songco was every inch a city-dweller.

Despite this,  however, his Kapampangan blood ran true to his veins – Songco was an avowed gourmand.

Remembering the summers of his youth spent in Pampanga, Songco and his three cousins decided to bring the family’s most cherished baked goods to the country’s capital. [See five pitfalls to avoid in a food business here]

Although products of  La Moderna Bakery in Guagua, Pampanga already had a following in the province, Songco and his cousins were unsure of the Manila market. [Read guide to starting a bakery here]

“We started out in the weekend market at Salcedo, and our products were well received,” Songco said, adding that at the beginning, they would bring their baked goods straight from Guagua to Makati.

Ensaymadas, empanadas, dinner rolls, and assortment of biscuits, Songco said, were delivered on a weekly basis. [Learn how to make empanada here]

“The products that we have are those products that are usually taken for granted when we were young, but  when we eat them now,  they bring back those childhood memories,” Songco said. “We started by bringing  a small volume of our baked goods and we were just testing if the market would buy them.”
In 2008, a spot along Wilson St. in Greenhills opened for Songco and his partners.

 “We grabbed the place so that we can have a place to sell our products and where people can actually come and visit anytime of the week,” Songco said. That was how Butchie\\\'s Recipe of La Moderna Pampanga came to Manila.


“And as they say, everything else is history,” Songco added.

Moving from the province to the big city, Songco shared some tips for those who want to do the same:

1.    Always test the market first [Read about another promdi venture that made it big in the city here]

“When we started, we made sure that we tested the market. It’s different in the province and here in Manila. And of course, not everyone is also from Pampanga, so some may like [our products], while  others may not,” Songco said.

2.    Bank on your product

“What made us decide to push  through with our venture was  our confidence that our products were really good. Our bakery in Pampanga wouldn’t have lasted from the 1900s until now if it didn’t have quality products,” Songco said. [See three tactics to break into the global scene here]

3.    Improve product presentation

“We placed our products in better containers and added touches of design to them so they will be more appealing. One must consider that products like artisan baked goods have a very niche market and it is important to stand out from competition,” Songco said.  [See tips on food labeling here]

Butchie\\\'s Recipe of La Moderna Pampanga
Ground level, Health Cube Building,
226 Wilson Street, San Juan City
(02) 385 0387; (0920) 9080-433;
(0917) 844-7593; (0917) 8039-055; (0917) 511-3790




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