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Going social--strategically

Here are the basic social media practices that entrepreneurs should understand and adopt.
By International Institute of Digital Marketing |
Going social--strategically
<>Contrary to what your friends told you, social media marketing is more than just collecting Facebook Likes or wearing YouTube Views like merits. This strategy is hard to sustain in the long run and tends to be myopic.

International Institute of Digital Marketer (IIDM) recommends key social media principles that a social media marketer or manager should focus on— and for small- to medium-scale enterprise, this could actually be the entrepreneur himself!

Social listening

“Beyond just trying to interact a tweet at a time, often, a more direct road to social success is to engage with customers more comprehensively in other locations – and social listening shows you the way,” writes Connie Bensen, a director of community strategy and social media in Convince&Convert.

Social listening (also known as social monitoring) is the process of knowing the sentiments and conversations revolving around brands, personalities, and other topics.

Bensen recommends using a professional tool such as Alterian SM2 to gain insight on content ideas, locations of communities online and offline, and influencer identification.

Social content

IIDM defines it as something that puts your core values, knowledge, talents, products, advice, and services into a format that can be used, referenced, and shared.

Jason DeMers of writes that it can be as simple as humorous and inspiring quotes, engaging polls, relevant statistics, insightful infographics, product photos (specially new ones), and a helpful resource like a website, online book or journal, instructional videos, etc.

Social ads defines as content the information displayed to users on a variety of popular and widely-used social networks, social aggregation sites, and sharing sites. Ads are strategically blended into the social sites that will best represent an enterprise’s campaigns. identifies three top social ads that can do wonders for your business. These are Facebook Promoted Posts, Twitter Promoted Tweets, and LinkedIn Ads.

What’s great about these ads compared with traditional ads is that these are truly measurable. The entrepreneur can monitor each ad’s performance and adjust strategy, placement, and even budget according to the results.

Learn more about social media marketing and how it can work for your business. Join the Social Media Marketing Specialist Track of the Certified Digital Marketer Program. Log on to or call 927 0096 / 0928 506 5382 for more details.


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