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Home-based business idea: ID lamination

The ID lamination business seems small but if you can maintain several clients, the profits from this home-based venture can make your wallet fat.
By Mishell M. Malabaguio |

ID lamination as a business is easy to setup because it can be a home-based business, and the investment is very minimal at P6,500 including consumables (if you already have a computer and printer set). The hard part is getting a supplier and clients.

In an interview with Annabel Bonsol, one of the 2009 Citi Micro-entrepreneur of the Year Awardees, she shared that before jump-starting a business, your business would do better if you can look for prospective clients first.




It holds true for the ID lamination business. Although it is profitable because aside from ID lamination one could also offer other services like signage making, it will be less risky if you already have potential clients. Look for customers who regularly need corporate IDs, school IDs, VIP or discount cards, and signages, among others.







For a P6,500 investment, one can already make 500 IDs. This package offered by Ronrox Corporation includes a heavy duty laminator, standard ID mold cutter, 3-in-1 slot puncher and 50 sets of PVC film.

However, aside from those equipment and materials, one should also have a computer set and printer that uses pigment ink. Since IDs should be made to last, pigment ink is used so that the image or print won\\\'t fade easily. This particular ink is not water-based so even if the ID gets wet the print won\\\'t smear.

The laminator machine consumes only 250 watts and has light indicators. So one would know when the machine is ready to start laminating. The slot puncher, on the other hand, has three uses: creating oblong or round hole and curving edges. The PVC film is composed of two parts, the printable side, which is the transparent one, and the adhesive part or the middle layer.


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