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How does a new business attract customers?

Help fellow entrepreneurs solve their business problems by answering the question of the week
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Starting a new business is not easy, and one of the most critical factors a business must answer is the ability to attract customers. In this week's mail bag, readers Arlene Suarez and Mike Javier want to know about the right strategies for customer acquisition:

'I have started a T-shirt business that is mostly catered to college students. Problem is, I have limited capital, and most of it went into the production of the shirts (buying materials, printing, packaging). I'm selling it online through an online social networking site, but it's not moving as fast as I want, and I'm having trouble paying suppliers. How do I increase my sales and get customers? Please help!'

- Arlene Suarez

'My internet shop has been open for six months now, and although I offer competitive prices and have better units than my competitors, my shop is struggling to break even. I'm worried that if I lower my prices even further, that I won't have enough to cover my expenses. What internet cafe strategies can you suggest? Appreciate your help'


-Mike Javier

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