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How to become more of a morning person (Infographic)

Here are several things you can do to become tolerant of mornings.
By Wendy Frink |


We’ve all heard it. “The early bird gets the worm.” But what if you despise mornings? Like, really hate them?


There’s hope for you yet. While you may never love the sound of your alarm blaring at 5 a.m., there are several things you can do to become tolerant of mornings:



Get moving. Strap on those sneakers or roll out that yoga mat to get your body temperature. Not only will this help you stay awake later in the day, it will make it easier to fall asleep at night.

Avoid artificial light. Which is all the more reason to get outside during work hours.

Save the bedroom for snoozing. Stop working in your bedroom and your brain will be conditioned to recognize your bed as stimulus for sleep.


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Take a look at this infographic created by telecommunications and Gryffn Media for more guidance on how to become a morning person—or at least a person who doesn’t view mornings with contempt.  





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