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How to break free from your stress cycle

Learn how to deal with your hectic schedule.
By Aileen Santos, CPC MAC |

Perhaps you\\\'re wondering how a small business owner can find balance amidst a really hectic schedule. The thing is, it\\\'s perfectly okay to be busy as long as you\\\'re doing something that also brings you enjoyment, whether directly or indirectly.

Remember, work-life balance is not about "allotting an equal number of hours to all the important parts of your life each day." That would be impossible, unrealistic, and ultimately more stressful.

Instead, balance is all about knowing that--in any given week or month--you were able to devote the amount of time needed to the things that really mattered to you, bringing you closer to your own vision of success.

Your words can cause imbalance and loss of profits

You don\\\'t need to have a PhD in Psychology to figure this out: If you keep on telling people you\\\'re stressed, you tend to feel stressed and behave in stressed ways. After all, your body is designed to prove you right (just ask anyone with a PhD in Psychology).


And if you put yourself in the shoes of a prospective client, would you really want to give "more work" (a.k.a. income opportunities) to someone who keeps talking about being overworked?

 Two ways to cut your habit--and create more profitable ones!

Positive entrepreneurs attract positive people, income, and opportunities. If you\\\'d like to become this kind of entrepreneur now, you\\\'ll want to install these two new habits in your business and your life:

  • Habit 1: Practice being Complaint-Free

In the website of "A Complaint-Free World," purple wrist bands are given away to anyone who wants to join their movement.

The way the band is used is very simple: when you catch yourself in the act of complaining (in your head or through your mouth) you\\\'re supposed to move the band from one wrist to the other.

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