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How to choose and assess your site

Pay attention to the variables like visibility, accessibility, foot traffic, parking and synergy.
By Entrepreneur Staff |

When actually inspecting sites as possible locations for your business, there are variables you should pay attention to:


A visible location is one that offers "unobstructed view from different vantage points." The better your visibility, the more customers you want to attract.


Is the location accessible to your target consumer? Is it easy for vehicles to go in and out the site? Is traffic freely flowing?

Foot and vehicular traffic

Does your location have the kind of traffic that would give you a steady stream of customers? Note that different types of brands require different amounts of vehicle and foot traffic.


If you are in a place where parking is a problem, you'd have to ensure that customers don't get their cars towed.

Size of the commercial center

Is the shopping mall, or any other commercial center where you're at bigger than the next? Remember that people will choose the bigger commercial center.



Are the businesses nearby that would complement mine? A healthy lifestyle brand should locate where there are similar-positioned shops.

Conditions at the trade area

How well maintained is the trade area? Is it prone to flooding? Can the building withstand earthquakes?


People go to locations perceived as safe.

Sensory clues

Psycho-geographic factors can make a customer decide whether or not to choose one site over the other. 

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