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How to find motivation as an entrepreneur

Life coach Andrea Goseco gives tips on how to bring you closer to your dream business.
By Andrea Goseco |

Oftentimes, would-be entrepreneurs have great ideas for potential businesses but become paralyzed and easily discouraged when it comes to actual planning and implementation. asked U.S. certified life coach Andrea Goseco for tips on how entrepreneurs can overcome mental roadblocks commonly associated with launching and maintaining a business.

Q: I always make plans to start a business but end up with nothing by the end of the year. What should I do?

A:  We are all guilty of the New Year’s resolution syndrome. You have a great idea and make plans but by the end of the year, you feel bad because you were not able to accomplish what you really set out to do.

Here are important tips to help you implement your plans:

1. You have to put realistic timelines to your goals

You have to assess your situation well.  There are other things in your life that you have to put in the equation (e.g  current job, time with family, etc.) The best way is to start with small incremental goals.  If you start with big goals that you can’t achieve, you will end up getting frustrated.   You have to be realistic with your timelines and goals.


2. Create checkpoints in your business plan

 This will help you to stay on track with your goals.  The checkpoints will also make you review what needs to be done.  You can make the necessary adjustment if you’re falling short.  The checkpoint gives you a perspective of where you are in your plan.  It gives you a direction on where you should go. 

3. Get an accountability partner

You need someone who can support you along the way.  Working on your goals with someone gives you a boost to move forward with your goals.   Your partner will make you feel that are not alone.  Share your checkpoints and milestones with him. This person can be a friend, relative, officemate or even a coach.


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