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How to get a POS terminal

There are requirements from the BIR
By Entrepreneur Staff |

The first step in applying for a POS is to get in touch with the BIR Revenue District Office that has jurisdiction over your main business. Accomplish the so-called BIR Form 1907, or Application for Permit to Use Cash Register Machine/Point of Sale Machine.

If your business is already operational, be aware of its sales capacity and receipts you have issued before applying for a POS.

You must have a joint sworn declaration by the applicant (you) and the distributor or vendor of the POS machines stating the following:

• Name, address, business name/style of the applicant, taxpayer’s identification number (TIN) of the applicant, kind/line of business and the address where the POS machine shall be used;

• Name, business style, address and TIN of the distributor or vendor of the machine;

• For cash register machines: Brand, model, serial number and type of all its parts, whether electronic or mechanical, whether with resettable or non-resettable accumulating grand total, and whether new or second hand;

• For point-of-sales machines: Brand, model, serial numbers and type of all its parts, whether new or second hand, and software to be used;

• Maximum accumulating sales capacity;

• Reset counter number; and

• Other essential features of the POS machine.


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