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How to get your clients to sign that contract

What you should always remember
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A deal is not sealed till the contract is signed. To reinforce the client’s feeling that he is making the right decision by entering into a contract with you, take the extra steps below—as recommended by Rommel Discipulo, an advertising executive with Summit Media—when drafting and presenting a contract:

Make sure the contract is error-free. “Make sure to proofread it for any typographical error, wrong grammar or spelling, especially in the figures,” Discipulo says. “Check all the figures several times to ensure they are the ones you agreed on with the client.”

Set clear deadlines. “Set deadlines for the client to settle their account. Remind the client about these deadlines from time to time to avoid delays.”

Document all requests for changes. Set deadlines for these changes as well. “An e-mail approving a particular change is enough proof of the change request.”

Be professional. Keep a certain distance from clients, even if they have become your friends through the years. “The negotiations must still be formal and the persons involved must be addressed properly,” he says.

Have two copies of the contract. One copy of the contract is of course for the client, and the other should be kept in file.

Go through the contract with the client. Discipulo says: “Whether the client reads the contract or not, you must present what is stipulated and explain what you’ve agreed on. It’s always safe to explain everything on the contract, than assuming the client has understood the contract.”


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