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How to Give a Killer Presentation (Infographic)

Presentations can be crucial to your success. Here's how to give a stellar performance
By Rose Leadem |

When someone says the words “public speaking,” there’s no need to run for the hills. When you’re able to impress clients, potential investors and even co-workers with a stellar presentation, you’re positioning yourself for success.


And you don’t have to think of it as scary either. In fact, presentations should be fun and exciting—if you’re doing them correctly. That means properly preparing, identifying your purpose, creating visuals and telling a story.


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So what’s the secret sauce to a smooth presentation? To start, identify the message you want to leave with your audience. Creating a strong structure, writing out notes, using metaphors, keeping eye contact—there are a number of things you can do to knock it out of the park.


Check out Business Backer’s infographic below to learn how you can give the presentation of your dreams.







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