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How to know if you’re marketing the right way on social media

So, you're finally using the social media for your marketing initiatives. But are you using it the right way? Find out here.
By International Institute of Digital Marketing |
How to know if you’re marketing the right way on social media

“Traditional marketing talks at people, content marketing talks with them,” says Donald Lim, ABS-CBN Chief Digital Officer.

Lim, the first recipient of the Agora Award for Outstanding Achievement in Marketing Communications, given by the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA), sums up the advantage of Social Media Marketing tools and channels for your business.

Lim says; “It is an enabler for real-time marketing, the ever-elusive marketer’s dream of conducting real-time conversation between marketers/entrepreneurs and their customers or target market. Here lies its strength, if you do it well, it’s more likely to get magnified tenfold because of its viral nature.”

You’re doing it [marketing] right on Social Media if you’re…


1.        Earning your customer’s trust.

Being transparent is the key. Don’t oversell your product or over-promise a service. And never badmouth a competitor explicitly but rather, focus on your brand’s strengths and unique selling points. You can also earn your customers’ trust by responding to their concern and feedback in a timely manner.



2.        Keeping your audience engaged with good and relevant content.

While generating thousands and thousands of Likes is good; Shares are even better. Why?–Because your audience deems your content worthy to be discussed with peers and colleagues.  Thought leadership is built when you create content that’s highly informative or entertaining, it’s impossible not to share!


3.        Not fighting fire with fire.

Being aggressive and fighting with guns a blazing for a negative feedback will be every brand’s downfall. For instance, Donald Lim shared a particular social media crisis wherein a restaurant was plagued with a controversial photo that was off their menu; a vegetable dish with an insect.

The crisis wasn’t handled well and it led to the fall of the restaurant. In hindsight, Lim says if the restaurant were his client, he would’ve advised them to just spread really good and tempting food shots of their dishes (lots of those!) to erase the stigma of that one bad photo.



The Social Media platform is like one big cocktail party and everyone is looking. How you portray your brand online can make or break your image offline. Before posting, sharing content, or responding to a feedback, always keep these three Social Media Marketing tips in mind.


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