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How to make an animal picture frame

Create your own charming picture frame and start a business with it now.
By Entrepreneur Staff |

For many people around the globe, Christmas is a season of giving. Filipinos in particular never fail to give Christmas presents to their godchildren. But with budgets getting tighter and tighter these days, you need to be very resourceful to come up with that perfect yet affordable gift. One such gift is the so-called Indian chicken picture frame, which surely will fit your budget and still put that smile on the faces of young and not-so-young recipients alike.

Picture frames are all-occasion gifts, of course, but people eventually get tired of receiving them if they are too conventional and boring. The Indian chicken picture frame jazzes up the gift idea by combining a picture frame with a stuffed toy. It will be such a hit among children, and will also be perfect as giveaway during parties and baby showers as well as a prize or promotional item.


1 yard yellow nylex cloth
1 yard each hard felt (red, orange, dark blue,
and light blue)
1 sheet plastic sheet or acetate cut into 3” x 2.5”
2 pcs velcro
1 pair black beads
1 bunch washable fiber
1 scoop sand (packed in plastic)



Pair of scissors
Pen for marking
Glue gun with stick, or needle with thread


Keep cloth scraps for use as hat accents.

Always make sure all edges are glued well.

Be creative in making your own accessories.

Try to make your own patterns to give variety to your stuffed animal picture frames.

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