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How to make biodegradable detergent

Start your detergent business now
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Compared to other detergents that contains chemicals such as optical brighteners, dyes and artificial fragrances, biodegradable detergent outmatches other chemical-based brands due the natural materials it uses, such as the kamias extract which is an all-natural stain remover with the same stain-removing power that chemical-based brands possess. Plus, with the current hype about going green, creating a business out of biodegradable detergent powder that uses all-natural products, which are mild to the skin and clothes, will definitely have a place in the market.

Here is a step-by-step guide in making a biodegradable detergent to help you start your own detergent business, which only requires accurate measuring and mixing.

1 kg sodium sulfate
500 g Magic Ultra (coconut-based)
200 g coconut powder
6 ml bilimbi fruit (kamias) extract
10 g blue speckles
120 ml fragrance (calamansi scent)
5 g sodiumtripolyphospate (STPP)

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