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How to make body scrub

Learn how to make body scrubs and start your own wellness business.
By Mishell Malabaguio |

With Filipinos becoming more and more image conscious, the domestic market for body scrub and lotion makers has been steadily growing.

[related|post]“Manufacturers of personal care products are mushrooming these days, but the industry is yet far from its saturation point,” says Nicole Huang, owner of Grasse Fragrance Co., official distributor in the Philippines of the France-based fragrance company Expressions Parfumees.


Grasse also serves as a training center for making personal care products and perfumes and carries a wide range of packaging solutions for these products.

Nicole, who co-owns Grasse with her sister Bettina, says there’s still a large untapped market for these products particularly in the provinces, where the players in the personalized lotion and body scrub business are few.

The formulation and procedure for body scrubs are very simple. To get started in this business, you need about P4,000 for the utensils, raw materials, and packaging. With that initial investment, you can make 10 retail packs of body scrub and lotion.




The utensils you need are the following: spatula (P29.25), plastic beaker (P85), graduated cylinder (P135), bowls (stainless steel or glass), plastic or pastry bag (P30), and packaging material such as PET bottles and labeling utensils. For body scrub, you need 300 ml PET jars (P16.80 a piece); for lotion, 100-ml (milliliter) PET bottles with a gel pump cap (P188.60 a dozen). Depending on your preference and target market, you can use larger containers instead.

To make body scrub, you will need the following: body scrub base (P1,680 per 10 kg), fragrance (P560 per 120 ml), and diluted or liquid food color (P69.75 per package). The body scrub base can be purchased at a minimum of 10 kilograms. Each 8-ml pack of diluted food color contains four vials of different colors.

The body scrub base contains kernels of apricot kernels (Prunus armenica) and sea salt, both of which serve to remove dead dry cells on the skin’s top layer. Both are natural exfoliants that even up the skin tone, cleanse deeply, and get rid of excess oil and other waste from the skin. Massaging the skin with scrubs also improves blood circulation and helps people relax and reinvigorate themselves.



You will need a clean working area and a good working table. The table has to be steady to avoid spills and inaccurate measurement.


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