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How to make herbal soap

Learn how to make herbal soap.
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Supply soaps not just to friends and family, but also to spas, bed and bath retailers, and gift shops.



Materials needed:

  • Lye solution, P40/liter
  • Coconut oil, P62/liter
  • Sodium silicate, P175/liter
  • CDEA, P120/liter
  • Castor oil, P185/liter
  • Anti-bacterial agent, P175/liter
  • Preservatives, P175/liter
  • Colorants (orange costs P105 per hundred grams and may be mixed with a liter of any oil)
  • Fragrance, P250/120 ml
  • Around P200 for the unripe fruits that you’d like to juice. For this project we’ll use papaya, tomato, and carrots.
  • Measuring cup
  • Beaker
  • Juicer
  • Mixer
  • You’ll also need gloves and goggles, mold, and a ladle for stirring the mixture.


You may buy your raw materials from Spices and Food Mix House on E. Rodriguez Sr. Boulevard in Quezon City and your utensils from Divisoria or your local market.



Step 1. Slice the fruits into small bits (no need to peel the skin, but remove any seeds) before placing them in an electric juicer for extraction that will take less than five minutes. Separate the pulp from the extract by using a strainer, and then set the juice aside.


Step 2. Prepare the coconut oil (250 ml), lye solution (100 ml), colorant (5 ml), sodium silicate (5 ml), CDEA (5 ml), castor oil or moisturizer (5 ml), fruit or herbal extract (5 ml), anti-bacterial liquid (2 ml), preservatives (2 ml) and fragrance (5 ml). Measure before mixing because the mixture will solidify quickly.


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