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How to make liquid detergent

Learn how to make liquid detergent.
By Entrepreneur Staff |
How to make liquid detergent

The market demand for these consumables is large and steady because they are used in large quantities every day. Another thing is that liquid detergents made in this manner are more versatile. Aside from being used for cleaning dishes, floor, windowpanes, and washrooms, they can also be used for ordinary laundry in the same way as commercially-made detergent powder.

Materials needed:

Sodium lauryl ether sulfate, or SLES, P58.50 per 500 ml

Sodium chloride or iodized salt, P13.50 per 500- gram pack

Cocodiethanolamide or CDEA, P72.50 per 500 ml

Ethyl alcohol, P54.50 per 500 ml

Water-soluble dye, P35 per 400-gram pack

Benzalkonium chloride, P109.50 per 500 ml

Degreaser, P30 per 120 ml

Fragrance, P161.40 per 120 ml

Distilled or de-ionized water, P14.19 per liter

(All available from chemical stores)

Wooden or plastic ladle

Medium-sized basin

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