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How to make pasta

Start a pasta business that can generate big returns for you.
By Entrepreneur Staff |

Sipping a hot bowl of noodles would be perfect this rainy
season, and if you are planning to put up a food business, why
not a noodle house? And it would be even better if the pasta you’d be
serving comes fresh straight from your own

Pizza roller/cutter,
Strainer—a pasta-maker/Dough kneader

All purpose flour (APF)/ Bread flour

Dos and Don’ts in Pasta-Making

To naturally add color or flavor to your pasta, mix shredded carrots or minced bell pepper to the dough. You may use other fruits and vegetables according to your preference.

If you don’t want the bits of vegetable mixing into your pasta, use vegetable juice instead. Use a blender to extract juice from vegetables, and then strain the juice using a cheesecloth to remove unnecessary bits and fibers.

Use yellow food color for miki and lomi noodles.

If you’re planning to produce noodles in bulk, mix in lye to make the noodles tougher and
last longer.

Noodles are tossed in oil to avoid them sticking together and losing their shape.

Do not expose your dough to air for long periods of time because air makes the dough
tough and scaly.

Do not beat the egg because it will make the dough foamy and rough.

If the egg alone is not enough to mix in all the flour, add water as necessary.

Bread flour requires more water than APF.

Rest the kneaded dough in a bowl covered with cloth or plastic sheet.

Shape the dough according to your preferred shape of noodles using the appropriate roller or nozzle.


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